Cooking for Kings was published by Short Books in the UK in 2003 and by Walkers Books in the USA in 2004. There are various international editions due out; the Japanese (Random House Kodansha) and Brazilian, Korean, Greek and Chinese versions are already published.

Cooking for Kings was Book of the Week on BBC Radio 4, read by Ian, and was also adapted by Channel 4 as ‘Regency Banquet’ for part of their Regency season, a documentary written and narrated by Ian. The book was adapted as a stage play in 2004 and performed, by Ian Kelly, in New York. 


‘A magnificent work’

‘Utterly irresistible’

‘For anyone who finds food or history relevant this is required reading. Kelly breathes life into a vital period in the making of modern Europe’


Part biography, part Regency cookbook containing some of the most sumptuous menus & recipes ever created, Ian Kelly journeys with Careme on his meteoric rise from Parisian orphan to international celebrity - through the turmoil of the French Revolution to the kitchens of the Brighton Pavilion, to the “upstairs-downstairs” life of the palaces of the Russian Tsars, the first French Rothschilds and Napoleon himself. Drawing on Careme’s rich memoirs, “Cooking for Kings” provides insights into the lives and loves of the gourmet-kings for whom he worked and offers a dramatic and sensuous picture of one of the most momentous periods of European history.